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The Talk: Let Them Hear IT From You First

The Talk
This is why parents NEED to have the talk....the sooner the better: 11-Year-Old Girl Gives Birth to Baby Boy

As a parent, having the talk is probably one of the most difficult and challenging things you will ever have to do. First, it’s tough to believe your child is actually mature enough to even understand what you will be talking about and even harder is where and how to begin. We know there will never be an “easy” way to talk to them about Sex, STD’s and Pregnancy but, you know you will have to do it sooner or later. Given the overwhelming exposure of Sex and Violence they encounter at such young and innocent ages, the sooner you have the Talk, the better!

We can help! Because of the language and format on how we deliver the “Practice Safe Sex” message, IT makes initiating and talking to your child about all these very sensitive issues much easier and comfortable for everyone. With hundreds of IT-ioms to choose from, you can find one that your child has a connection to or interested in. Like if he or she is into basketball, there is; “IT’s up IT’s in IT’s Good” or Surfing; “IT gives new meaning to Hang Ten” or they like acting; “I Starred in IT” “IT was Award Winning” etc. Now, you not only have their attention and interest, you have them willing to talk and most important, Listen!

By just breaking the ice with a phrase (IT-iom) on a T-shirt, the dreaded Talk turns into a meaningful and possibly life-saving conversation. Not only was IT easier then you could have imagined, but your child listened, learned and respected what you had to say.

We have numerous testimonials from parents like your-self, who initiated the Talk with the IT condom T-shirt without objection or embarrassment. They were able to have a mature conversation while making sure the child learned everything they needed to know to protect themselves and others.

IT can make your life easier and your child’s safer!

Please feel free to share your story with us.

It's never too early for "The Talk" The longer you wait the more you are risking. IT's not about promoting sex... IT's about promoting SAFE SEX!

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"I gave my child a box of condoms after we talked...I explained that I would rather he not have sex yet, but I would rather to not be a grandfather at this age more, or for him to get an STD." Charlie Age 40

"I picked up one of your shirts at a conference, and I brought it home to my daughter, she loved it, and it allowed me to ease into the talk a bit easier." Debbie K. Age 42

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